This is the fourth edition of the EGA Handicap System, since its inception in 2000. The EGA Handicapping and Course Rating Committee is delighted to present a revised System, which clearly recognizes the handicapping traditions of Europe, but also looks to the future by addressing the handicapping demands of a golfing population that is becoming increasingly diverse. The revised system seeks uniformity where this is considered essential for the integrity of European handicapping, but at the same time acknowledges that the varied golfing cultures within the EGA must be allowed to operate as independently as possible. For this reason, this edition of the EGA Handicap System gives the national associations considerable scope for “configuration” of the main features, ensuring that the system provides them with the means to grow the game of golf, add to the enjoyment of playing, and to cater to the needs of different player profiles.

Handicap Committee members and others who refer to this manual will notice that there are few changes in form from the previous version – the structure of the book and the presentation of the clauses has served our purpose well in the past and will continue to do so. The core elements of the system also remain substantially unchanged; USGA Course Rating and Slope Rating; an incremental handicap algorithm; a modified version of CBA; buffer zones; handicap categories; procedures for reviewing players’ handicaps for the purpose of ensuring accuracy (also improved). However, there are significantly extended discretionary powers given to national associations which will allow them to determine how, and to what extent, these core elements are allowed to interact with each other and with other aspects of the system. This represents a significant change in basic principle, but one that we believe is necessary in a modern handicap system.

The extensive work leading up to the 2016-2019 edition of the EGA Handicap System is very much a collaborative effort, reflecting a continued, and very successful, process of evolution and innovation through consultation between the EGA and you, the 37 national associations that have implemented and utilised the system. It is with fond memories and gratitude that we look back at the Committee’s interactions with players, officials and handicappers – at the many letters, e-mail correspondence and intense discussions we have had over the past years. We sincerely hope that this edition of the EGA Handicap System will serve you and the golfers in your country in the best possible way.

On behalf of the EGA Handicapping and Course Rating Committee,

Hans Malmström

Dette er 3. reviderede udgave 2016.
Opdateringer i afsnit 3.1.13, 3.6.1 c og 3.8.5

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