J-1 Methods for Stopping and Resuming Play

Purpose. Rule 5.7b requires players to stop playing immediately if the Committee declares an immediate suspension of play. The Committee should use a distinct method of telling players about an immediate suspension.

The following signals are generally used, and it is recommended that all Committees use these signals where possible:

Immediate Stop: One prolonged note of the siren.

Normal Stop: Three consecutive notes of the siren.

Resume Play: Two short notes of siren.

Model Local Rule J-1

“A suspension of play for a dangerous situation will be signalled by [insert signal to be used]. All other suspensions will be signalled by [insert signal to be used]. In either case, resumption of play will be signalled by [insert signal to be used]. See Rule 5.7b.”

J-2 Removal of Temporary Water

Purpose. A Committee may adopt a policy that clarifies what actions are appropriate for a Committee member, someone designated by the Committee (for example, a member of the maintenance staff), or player, to remove temporary water on the putting green.

Model Local Rule J-2

“If a player’s ball lies on the putting green and there is interference by temporary water on the putting green, the player may:

  • Take free relief under Rule 16.1d; or
  • Have his or her line of play squeegeed.
    Such squeegeeing should be done across the line of play and extend a reasonable distance beyond the hole (that is, at least one roller length) and only be carried out by [specify who may carry this out, for example the maintenance staff].”