Q: Er det tilladt at indføre en lokalregel som erklærer sten i bunkeren for flytbare forhindringer, således at der kan opnås lempelse uden straf selv hvis det er nødvendigt at flytte bolden?

A: Nej.
R&A: There is no longer the permission to set a local rule deeming a stone to be a movable obstruction.
Given stones in bunkers will now be loose impediments, the stones in bunkers Local Rule will no longer be permitted. We realise that in some circumstances this may mean that a player may not be able to move a stone under the ball as it would cause the ball to move, however it was felt that this is no different to the situation that a player may face in an area of stony ground in the general area and there was no reason to be more lenient in this situation in a bunker in comparison to any other area of the course and would also introduce inconsistency.