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The European Golf Association is most grateful to the Dansk Golf Union and to The Scandinavian for hosting the 2024 European Amateur Championship.

I know that all golfers will enjoy the privilege of competing in this event and that the winner will relish the opportunity of playing in the The 152nd Open at Royal Troon.

As always, friendships will be enhanced by the friendly rivalry which this event provides, and I wish all competitors a most happy and enjoyable championship!

European Golf Association


On behalf of all members and staff at The Scandinavian, we are proud to welcome Europe's best amateur golfers to The European Amateur Championship in June 2024.

Championships are held on the best and most challenging golf courses and the club's members look forward to seeing how Europe's best amateurs cope with the challenges posed by New Course.

The Scandinavian Golf Club's members look forward to supporting the event as volunteers during the championship week, and are excited to play New Course on Sunday, where a member's tournament with the final day setup is played.

The Scandinavian GC


Dear players – captains – visitors and officials!

I wish you all a warm welcome to Denmark and The Scandinavian for this year’s European Amateur Championship.

We have been looking forward to hosting you all, and I know that a lot of effort has been put into providing you the best possible experience both on and off the course during your stay.

The Scandinavian was a natural choice for us. It has everything needed to host the European Amateur Championship, and it did not take long for them to accept our proposal.

Organizing such an event for the National Federation is not possible without strong support from the hosting club, its staff, members, and all the volunteers. I wish to extend a big ‘thank you’ from me to all of you - this kind of event cannot be held without your commitment to this lovely game.

As players, you will have the opportunity to play on one of the best and most challenging courses in Denmark. It is beautiful, but it is also very challenging, so be careful out there.

Amateur golf is a very important part of the golf world, even though professionals are primarily seen on television. If you aim to compete at the highest level, the path to get there is through our extensive amateur programs in clubs, federations and international tournaments.

We see this event as part of the journey that many of you are likely aiming for - ending up on one of the professional tours, and perhaps even participating in the Olympics. This event has proven its value in achieving this, with many former medalists now playing on these tours and also having participated in the Olympics.

I am looking forward to watching some excellent golf, with high intensity and all in the spirit of our fantastic game.

Thank you for coming to The Scandinavian in Denmark, and hopefully, we will make this event something the players, the organizers, we, and all the volunteers, and visitors will look back on, with good memories and having made new friendships.

Play well!

Danish Golf Union